CCC Spray Fluid PK58

Best Quality ccc spray fluid  for black money 

Client:    Worldwide buyers are accepted
Info:  Separate sachet currency

The CCC Liquid Spray fluid pk58 chemical is an essential element of ssd solution product known as a mercureous segment solid-liquid fluid which is purposely used to seperate the sachet currencies black or defaced notes after a cleaning is done or before the cleaning. This liquid fluid help to Detached the Intersected notes bills; be it USD, EURO or GBP

Product origin: Dubai
Quality: 99.99999% effective
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Basic Components of ccc spray fluid 

Our ccc spray fluid pk58  chemical is 99.99% pure. We clean all types of black note or deface note, anti-air breezed powders and other many products used in cleaning defaced currency process.

You will be surprised by his power, speed, its quality to make usable your notes. We have in stock 
anti-breeze, color black red green and other colors. If you do have a problem on the masked notes, if you are black notes holder, do not hesitate to contact us for a clean on percentage rate.


HQ5 is an additional element on the main ssd automatic solution to make it universal chemical which is able to cleaning all sort of coating with darkened diced material, pink/white negative dollars. This chemical type is highly recommended for notes with a coating duration of minimum 12 months. With the smells that brings light to the money true reflection.
Quality:              100% effective
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We do offer the best professional services. The spray gives the finishing smell of the original smell of a real money. We are willing to travel to do the job once consultation is done and approval made. Please contact us and talk with a lab correspondent.


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