SSD Gastrox Oxide HQ5

SSD Gastrox Oxide HQ5 Product Details

  • Purity :                   99.99%
  • Application :        Used For Currency Cleaning
  • Packing size :      20 Liter
  • Solubility :           Insoluble in water
  • Foam :                    Liquid
  • Shelf Life :            1 Year

List of SSD Liquid Chemical :

  • Super Automatic Solution
  • Pyrex/mercury Ink Solution
  • SSD Supreme Solution
  • Mercurous Salts Trace
  • Choloride Max. 0.175%
  • Gastrox Oxide Hq5, Hq6 An
  • D6 SSD Universal Solution
  • SSD Tourmaline Solution
  •  Tebimagnetic Solution
  • Mercury Stamp and Seal Removal
  • Dodecyl Dimethyl Amine oxide

Photo sample:

Dodecyl Dimethyl Amine oxide Product Details

Name:                             Dodecyl Dimethyl Amine oxide
Other Name:                  OA-12 , OB-2, Lauryl Dimethyl Amine                                                                          Oxide,Lauramine Oxide
CAS No.:  1643-20-5
 EINECS:  216-700-6
Chemical Formula: C12H25N(CH3)2O
Structural Formula:                        C12H25N(CH3)2O
1.Technical Index 
Item Index
Appearance (25℃) Colorless to yellowish clear liquid
pH(5% aqueous solution) 5.0-7.0
Active Matter (%) 30±2
mineral salt(%) 1.0max
Free Amine (%) 2.0 max
1. It is a kind of weak cationic surfactant, in acid medium was cationic, and in alkaline medium was nonionic.
2. Excellent antistatic, softening, foam-stabilizing performance. Also, it can produce lots of foam, mild irritation to skin and eyes.
3. Applications 
1. As foam stabilizer and boosters, Dodecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide is mainly added in shampoos, bath lotion, dish washing detergent, etc.
2. It can improve the compatibility of thickening agent and the stability of the product.
4.Packaging And Storage 
Store in a dry, cool place to avoid freezing or overheating. 
Ambient temperature is10-50 ℃, the container to be sealed.

It is not advisable to use containers of copper material. Recommended storage in plastic containers; a shelf life of two years.

Packaging specifications: 25kg / plastic drum, 50kg / plastic drum, 200kg / plastic drum,


Black dollar cleaning solution process with ssd is always used at all level of the cleaning process. For more information or to order for any ssd chemicals, kindly please contact us or drop an email. Our technicians offer worldwide services,  just contact us for a free test.




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