SSD Chemical Solution in Dubai

Best Quality SSD Chemical Solution in Dubai price (methylene dichloride)


We are 5Star Laboratory, the mass production laboratory of ssd chemical solution in Dubai and Worldwide. Best chemical production industry, we create the best model as a reaction. Used to prepare ampicillin hydro ampicillin. It is also used as liquid in Cleaning black money process. Petroleum waxing solvent, aerosol propellant, organic synthetic extraction agent, polyurethane and other foam plastic.

Rather than cleaning black money or stamp defaced currency. It is used as an auxiliary foaming agent in the production of money printing, while also applying the ssd chemical solution in  Germany. Below are the ssd chemical solution details.

Quick  ssd solution Product  Details

CAS No:                           75-09-2
Other Names:                SSD Chemical Solution
MF:                                  CH2Cl2
EINECS No.:                  201-838
Place of Origin:             France
Type:                               Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Purity:                            99.99%
Brand Name:                smileda
Model Number:           AK544001
Application:                 Paint solvent foaming agent
Appearance:                Colorless transparent liquid
Product name:            Dichloromethane
CAS:                              75-09-2

Laboratory has well trained technicians, who are very much willing to travel. Worldwide for your black money cleaning services. We noticed sometimes our customers who wants to buy ssd chemical. Most of them are not too sure on how to apply the chemical.

We always advise and send our technicians over to come and test the money, before proceeding with the cleaning purchase. Sometimes, we sell out chemicals and the client goes and clean the money. Surprisingly, on the process it doesn’t work.

We have encounter this so many times, that is why we decides to help out clients to do the FREE TEST  before purchase of the chemical. By so doing, we will get the right chemical for your black money condition. Contact us for more details on our services by email, whats App or call directly. We have our correspondent who will assist you in whatever way needed.