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SSD Chemicals |Clean Black Money| Free Test

We sell ssd chemicals solution like Zuta S4, Vectrol paste, Tebi Magnetic solution, Castrox oxide, activation powder. For cleaning all kinds of defaced currency based on the year of the money. Our technicians are highly qualified, they are always ready to handle the cleaning perfectly either by a machine, based on the year of production. 5SBL have basically so many different types of chemicals to clean black money.

Zuta S4 ssd chemicals solution


Solution Zuta S4 is one of its widely sold chemical. The reactivating agent which is used to transform old and stained banknotes into new and fresh one. Basically, we use it between the process of cleaning the money to give it’s originally 100% quality.

Vectrol Paste 99.99% Quality



Vectrol paste is use as an anti breeze currency correcter, this paste is to finalize the cleaning procedure and it
automatically take less time to clear the end cleaning. With the utilization of vector glue, you can achieve
everyone of your cleaning aim.

Tebi Magnetic Solution chemical

Tebi-magnetic solution is a type of chemicals that can perfectly clean out deface, stacked and dirty currency
or bank notes. Its is use with ssd chemicals solution as a mix detergent for some currency which are highly

Gastrox Oxide Chemical solution

At every beginning level of cleaning black money, base on the feasibility and observation of the state of the money.
Technicians always like to dry clean the money with Gastrox Oxide HQ5 or Castro x oxide. As an additional element  on the main ssd automatic solution, to make it a universal chemical which is able to cleaning all sort of defaced currency.

Activation Power Chemical

Activation powder, as one of the main and most important chemical entail during the cleaning process. This Chemical is  always used at all level of the cleaning process. Free offering to test clean, our client black money before proceeding with the complete cleaning process. For more information or to order for any ssd chemicals, kindly please contact us or drop an email. Our customer service associate will be online to attend to you at anytime.