Black dollar cleaning solution

Buy chemical for black dollar cleaning solution at affordable prices

Black dollar cleaning solution chemical and activation powder, products are always available at  Laboratory. We have a broad  charter that encourages us to make a difference in the world, through basic and applied research services, technology  development and commercialization of our innovations.

We are specialist in chemistry for anti-breeze deface currency notes, we also do chemicals melting and recovering. All type of bad money from black, blue, white, green (stain money) to its original value. If you have this kind of money  kindly contact us, and we shall offer you a free test as we explore our areas of expertise.


Areas Of Expertise

Other areas of our expertise includes; ssd Supreme Automatic Chemical Solution, SSD Pure Super Automatic Chemical Solution. Gastrox Oxide HQ45, SSD Super Automatic Chemical Solution, SSD Pure Automatic Chemical Solution, SSD Automatic Chemical Solution, SSD Pure Chemical Solution and more.

Chemically Tamperd  Black Money

Chemically tampered money also we can clean. Due to the experience technicians we have, they always handle such situation and get the best outcome of 100% quality cleaning. No matter how tampered the money is we can bring it  to its original nature.

Solution Product Introduction

Black dollar solution use for cleanings, a product that is very stable complex solution with ultra particle.
Has a very good anti-bacterial, anti yellowing properties. The product has been declared patents in
many countries. solution Chemical can produce acidic, neutral, alkaline and other types of colorless transparent nano silver solution.

Different types of products has different use of measurement and use. In a scientific and rational use of
the solution, it can give full play to their excellent safety, reliability and exceptional bactericidal function.
Do not use long-term oxidation, do not change color, and the general solution as compared with better
antibacterial mildew resistant features such as yellowing.

Black dollar cleaning solution process with ssd is always used at all level of the cleaning process. For more information or to order for any ssd chemicals, kindly please contact us or drop an email. Our technicians offer worldwide services,  just contact us for a free test.