Vectrol Paste

Quality Vectrol Paste product Description

Vectrol Paste


Vectrol Paste , our Chemicals is 100% pure. We clean all types of black note or deface note,anti-air breezed powders and other many products used in cleaning defaced currency process . AL do offer the best professional services. We are willing to travel to do the job once consultation is done and approval made please Email us and talk with a lab correspondent.

The machine for processing huge amounts can be made available on customer’s demand.  Our laboratory also has stock of the different chemicals, salts, powders and all other materials relative to cleaning defaced banknotes (all colors).

Some of the chemical solutions we have available include SSD Automatic Solution, TS4 solution, Vectrol Paste, TTZ Universal Solution, Monogosia Solution, Tebi matonic Solution, Gustavic Solution and many more.


Quick Chemical Paste Details

Classification:                Chemical Auxiliary Agent, Phosphate
CAS No.:                         AL44010
Other Names:                MOA-3PK, MOA-3PK
Purity:                             40%, 40%
Place of Origin:             USA
Usage:                            Daily chemical industry
Brand Name:                Customize
Model Number:           MOA-3PK, MOA-3PK
Type:                              Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate
Grade Standard:          Agriculture Grade, Industrial Grade
Appearance:                 liquid
Application:                  Daily chemical industry
Appearance(25℃):      Colorless to whitish paste
Solid content:               40±2.0%


Our Professionalism


All that’s required of you is inform us of your requirements, and we in return shall respond as soon as possible to  let you know of the possibilities or availability of you required products. We also have Activating Salts and Activating Powders. What ever your situation, reply us with a detailed inquiry. We’ll always get back to you with solutions, no matter the state of your bills.

The vectrol paste brings the original quality of a real money.
We are willing to travel to do the job once consultation is done and approval made. Please contact us
and talk with a lab correspondent.


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